The Handstand Kids Cookbook Company brings you the apron line, Accessories by HSK, which includes three adorable designs: An Apple a Day, Milk & Cookies and My Cup of Tea. Each design is offered in adult and kid sizes to create a fun and chic cooking atmosphere. Made from 100% cotton, they are machine washable, have easily adjustable ties and each has a single pocket, providing comfort, functionality, as well as style for all ages.

Accessories by HSK brings the family together in the kitchen, spending more time cooking and eating healthy. The Handstand Kids Cookbook series features the languages and cuisines of Italy, Mexico, China, and many other countries. Each Handstand Kids cookbook offers over twenty family friendly recipes, introduces children to traditional, well-known, as well as innovative dishes from around the world, and familiarizes them with the language of the corresponding country.

Yvette Garfield

Yvette had the idea of creating the Handstand Kids on a very long flight back from India. She wanted to bring back cookbooks for her little cousins, but was discouraged when unable to find any for children. Upon her return to the US, she began brainstorming on how to introduce children to international foods in a fun and hands-on way.

The Handstand Kids books are the perfect recipe for kids to learn how to cook, while learning about the people, places, and language of a new country. It is Yvette's hope that children will be inspired to use their new cooking skills to give back to their own communities.

Yvette is a recent law school graduate who has a strong interest in international children's rights. She has worked with various non-profit organizations and the Department of Justice, Children's Rights Section.

Yvette's favorite food from the Mexican cookbook is the Enchiladas! She loves making it for her friends and family.

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Kim DeRose

Before she learned to write, Kim would dictate stories to her (very patient) mom and draw the illustrations in crayon. As she got older, Kim and a friend would spend long summer days writing and illustrating their own stories. Kim is still writing and illustrating and is very excited to help bring Handstand Kids to life!

Kim currently lives in NYC and works as a producer for a children's website. She is developing several of her own children's books – which she is writing & illustrating- as well as a children's book series. Kim loves to travel and has journeyed throughout Western & Eastern Europe, Kenya, Tanzania, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia and Thailand, where she filmed a documentary and took a Thai cooking class.

Kim attended UCLA for her undergraduate & graduate studies and has a BA in Communications & an MFA in Film Directing.

Kim's favorite recipes from the Mexican cookbook are the Mexican wedding cookies (there's always room for dessert!) and the guacamole, which she finds completely addicting.

Kyumi Christensen

Kyumi is a graphic/package designer who has been working with fashion brands (Guess, Mary Kate & Ashley, Southpole, Jlo) and mass-market retail chains (Walmart, Michael's, Bonton, Sam's Club) for over a decade.

Through her company, Chic Design, she works with high profile clients developing various custom products and packaging lines in a variety of product categories.,

Kyumi has a passion for all things artistic. She holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Graphic Design and Music (fllute performance) from California State University, Northridge.

Born in South Korea, Kyumi has lived all over Southeast Asia and has traveled the world. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Kyumi is the mother of two boys. It is very important to her that her family participates in healthy eating and engages in an active lifestyle. Her favorite Handstand Kids recipe is "Korean Sweet Potato Cake" from the Baking Around The World cookbook.

Shanti Greenspan

Shanti remembers hosting her first cooking party for her friends when she was eleven years old. Since then she has become a professional chef orchestrating classes and parties teaching children to cook.

She opened the Stir-it-Up Cooking School is 2006, where she enthuses budding chefs about food and healthy eating in a hands-on, delicious way! Shanti is writing the recipes for the Handstand Kids Chinese Cookbook and Cooking Classes. By blending her unique cooking style with the Handstand Kids recipes she takes kid chefs on a gastronomic journey around the world.

Shanti was trained at Johnson and Wales Culinary Institute and received her Teaching Credential and Masters in Elementary Education. Her favorite food is anything chocolate!

Liza Yee

Liza loves cooking and, even more, eating good food! While living in Italy, Liza explored traditional Italian cuisine by taking cooking classes and going on gastronomic tours. Liza loves sharing her cooking skills with kids of all ages and challenging them to try new foods.

Liza's philosophy for life stems from trees; recognizing the importance of her roots while branching out and discovering new ideas. Her branches of interest include cooking (of course), woodworking, healing arts, knitting, and dancing. She currently works as a museum exhibit fabricator making displays and even fake trees. She has taught both the Italian language and cooking.

Liza's favorite food from the Italian cookbooks is lasagna because she loves to make it for her entire family, including her 12 wonderful cousins, at Sunday dinner.

Vani Sodhi Gundara

As local Los Angeles designer, Vani has been "creating" since her early childhood years. It all began with a crayon striking the walls of her parent's home at the age of 2.

Fortunately for Vani, her parents embraced the signs early on to encourage the artistic, wild-side in her and helped by developing her keen sense of unusual color, form and modern creative development. After attending UCLA's school of Arts and Architecture, she opened her own design firm; Design By Vani.

Design by Vani blends her flare for the unique with cutting edge technology. Vani has worked with several companies providing stylistic graphic design solutions including: Westfield Corporation, Subway and Boeing.

Vani's favorite food from the Italian cookbooks is the Italian Soda because she loves to make it during hot summer nights to accompany her barbque parties for her family and friends. Refreshing and delicious!

Cricket Azima

Cricket Azima is a dynamic professional chef who specializes in cooking for and with children. Since 1999, she has been teaching cooking classes to over 1000 children of all ages at various locations in New York City. In addition to teaching, she serves as the Food Editor for Kiwi magazine. Cricket is also Director of Kids' Programs for Kidfresh and the Director of Culinary Development for Batter Up Kids Culinary Center. Cricket's upcoming book, Everybody Eats Lunch, is published this March.

Cricket received her Master's degree in Food Studies and Food Management at New York University. Her thesis, entitled "Children's Cooking Classes: An Alternative Method to Enhance Learning" led her to launch The Creative Kitchen™, a method of cooking instruction and food education designed to inspire children to express themselves creatively in the kitchen, while reinforcing traditional education disciplines.

Cricket is a graduate of Boston University and Peter Kump's New York Culinary School (now The Institute of Culinary Education). She served as professor of Food Studies and academic advisor at NYU following graduation, and has developed curricula for various schools and after-school programs.

Avital Binshtock

Avital Binshtock is an author and editor who regularly contributes to media outlets including the Los Angeles Times, where she was an associate editor. She is currently an editor at Potentia Media and at Frommer's. She wrote a book called Napa and Sonoma Day by Day and was the chief editor for Frommer's most recent edition of Amsterdam. She has also done work for National Geographic Television and Elite Traveler, among a number of others.

Avital writes and edits most often about travel and food, but if a good story comes along, is willing to cover most anything. Foremost among Avital's passions are global travel and exploring different cultures. She has taught reading and creative writing to children, and always enjoys spending time with the younger members of her family. Avital was educated at UCLA and Stanford University.

Avital's favorite recipe from the Italian cookbook is the eggplant dish. It reminds her of the Mediterranean cuisine that she grew up on.

Tracy Sway

Tracy is an experienced writer and copy editor with a love for all things related to cooking and eating.

She is continually amazed at the power of food to create memorable experiences and bring people together. She loves trying all the different recipes with her family and friends, especially the enchiladas and the shrimp fried rice!